The Paper And Hearts Society

The Paper & Hearts Society is written by Lucy Powrie and published by Hodder.

I am not in a book club but, if I ever join one I really hope that I get to go on a road trip to bookish places because it sounds awesome.

This book is about Tabby Brown. She is an extreme bookworm with a deep love of Sylvia Plath and her book The Bell Jar. She’s staying with her grandma, whilst she and her parents move house, and she has to find the courage to open up to her new friends, even as some old friends refuse to leave her alone.

This was a really good book and I loved Tabby and Ed because Tabby is a lot like me -worrying about nothing- and Ed is really sweet and really funny and has a cat, and you know what, animals make pretty much anyone a good person. Also, even though Cassie is quite rude I don’t think I can judge her, as I am also very moody, and despite her actions she had good reasons, and she’s an amazing friend.

This was an amazing book, about people who love amazing books, and also it was written by a 19 year old (only 4 years older than me) so that’s pretty impressive I think!

I recommend this book for age 11+, and I think it is a great book for libraries and schools, and it’s a great lighthearted read for any teenager

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