Home Girl

Home Girl is written by Alex Wheatle, has a front cover by Dan Evans, and is published by Atom.

This book wouldn’t be suitable for anyone particularly sensitive, just so you know. It’s a really great book but, has some very strong opinions that can be quite controversial.

Home Girl is about Naomi, a teenage girl in the foster system, who’s had more homes than she can count and who’s had to grow up faster than anyone should have to. Despite this, at 15 she knows what she wants. She wants to “meet a sweet bruv and start a life for herself out of the system”. But, what happens when she’s put with a family who seem different to any other she’s been with?

There were definitely parts of this book where I basically did a double take, thinking did she really just do/say that, but then I had to realise that I am a very privileged person, who has been raised by some extremely patient parents, whereas Naomi wasn’t. Also, that Naomi actually makes some pretty great points.

The story is amazing, and my favourite characters are definitely Colleen, Sharyna and Pablo. I think this book is really great, because the foster system is both a really amazing thing and a huge problem that people outside of it don’t often think about. Home Girl gives a very interesting perspective on it, whilst also just being a really funny and emotional book.

I world probably suggest this book for age 13+, and think that all high schools should definitely buy it, and all teenagers should read a copy.

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