The Hormone Diaries

The Hormone Diaries – The Bloody Truth About Our Periods is written by Hannah Witton, designed by Thy Bui, and published by Wren & Rook.

Books like this are so important. We need more of them, and for people to read them and encourage others to read them. And the fact that this one is really funny helps as well.

The Hormone Diaries is about exactly what it sounds like : hormones, vaginas, periods and all the fun stuff like that. It is both educational and just a sharing of knowledge, experience and pain. It covers everything from infections to periods to pregnancy to menopause. And is better than the education I get in school to be honest.

I love this book (maybe not the topics because some of them are quite sad or frustrating), it’s amazing and so so important for people everywhere; boys, girls, teenagers, adults, whatever and whoever – because the world is not educated enough, and this book covers so much of the stuff that people need to know. The great thing is, it’s not presented in a boring, clinical, medical way or with the awkward horror of high school sex education, it’s funny and explanatory. It was so interesting to read about all the problems periods and hormones and all that can cause. There were parts that I could go “OMG YES!” and agree with, and also things I’d never heard of before.

There’s also another amazing book by this author called Doing It! Let’s Talk About Sex, which covers sex and is also so important, and another must have for everyone.

ALL secondary schools, libraries and homes should have this book, and all parents get your kids to read it and all kids get your parents to read it …and siblings and friends and partners whoever. I recommend it for age 13 upwards.

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