All The Things We Never Said

All The Things We Never Said is written by Yasmin Rahman, has a front cover designed by Alex Allden and is published by Hot Key Books.

This book is beautiful, terrifying and heartbreaking. It’s an amazing book that is so important.

All The Things We Never Said is about three girls; Mehreen, Cara and Olivia all of whom, for different reasons, cannot face their life and so they all go to a website called Here, they got matched up and made a pact to help each other commit suicide. But when the girls start to realise that maybe they do want to live after all, the website won’t let them go.

We need more books like this, I loved it, even though some parts were heartbreaking. It was an amazing story that faced some incredibly serious issues head on, and showed how much they can affect people; especially teenagers. It managed all of this whilst also being funny, and showing how a powerful friendship can save a person.

I love all the girls in the book for different reasons, but I probably like Olivia the most – though it takes a while for her not to seem like a ‘rich girl’. Then, not only is this book heartbreaking and heartwarming (how do you even do that?!), it’s also kind of terrifying. Yasmin Rahman consistently has your heart racing, and you wanting to cry.

Oh, and I should mention that the lovely Yasmin Rahman didn’t seem to mind signing my copy for me, after I missed her signing line and chased her round YALC in July!

I think everybody should read this book; teens – to show them they aren’t alone in how they’re feeling but that there is always a reason to keep living and fighting, and parents – to show them how hard being a teenager can be, and that even when it seems their life is going great, that there is no guarantee. So yes, I love this book. Buy it and read it, it’s great.

I suggest this book for age 12/13+, and think it’s a book which schools and libraries have to have, because the message in the story is so important to spread.

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