Feminism in YA

If you follow me on Twitter, or know me in real life, or even probably just talked to me once, you will know I am a feminist.

Now, the problem with feminism is that, as soon as most people hear the word they immediately think you are a man-hater or something, or they use the term as an insult. But, fortunately, this generally isn’t the case in YA literature. In fact, I would say that although there is a way to go (there always is), feminism in books is pretty good. For instance, a lot of books are centred around teenage girls lives & aren’t all centred on her finding a love interest. Often they focus on her fighting for things, or growing and learning as a person.

Feminism, in YA especially, is so important because it is generally (though not always) teenage girls who read YA, and being a teenager is really hard, and being a girl is really hard. A lot of the time girls won’t even realise something is sexist until it’s pointed out to them, or won’t realise that they have the right/ability to stand up for themselves, or sometimes they have just already given up. YA books can change that. Reading is amazing. Reading transports you to different worlds, it also empowers you and makes you feel strong – if you read the right book.

Some of my favourite feminist YA books are The Hate You Give, Girls Can’t Hit, Forge, Meat Market, A Girl Called Shameless, & Moxie. I strongly suggest reading all of them because, as well as having amazing women in them, they are also just really great reads from really great authors.

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